Lanbena The Teeth Whitening Serum | Remove Stains Immediately | 2 for $29.99
Lanbena The Teeth Whitening Serum | Remove Stains Immediately | 2 for $29.99

Lanbena The Teeth Whitening Serum | Remove Stains Immediately | 2 for $29.99

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The Teeth Whitening Serum by LANBENA

FINALLY, a product the works!

This is by for the best teeth whitening serum available online for 2019. This product contains ingredients that doctors don't want you to have access to so they can control they price. The ingredients are safe and customers are reporting immediate results. Everyone seems to be very impressed with the product. This product has been tested by our staff members and they have reported results immediately. Coffee, Tea and Smoking stains REMOVED immediately per our customers and staff.

This product works. No need to worry about purchasing a product that you place in your mouth hoping that the blue light will change the color of your teeth. There is no machine to fail after it fist use.  

So you may ask, why does this work? Its a combination of  ingredients which includes Alcohol. Thyme and Menthol. There are many products online today and in stores claiming to whiten your teeth only to suck you in to buy more applications until you see results.

Many well known companies offer products over the counter to whiten your teeth but they fail to tell you, your teeth must be white prior to use to maintain white teeth.

This product REMOVES stains not cover them up.

This product will whiten your teeth, the customer reviews shows it works. 

Still Concerned?

We are will to send you 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!! 

Our relationship with the manufacturing company allows us to make this offer. DON'T BE FOOLED BY WATERED DOWN COPIES AT A LOWER COST.

We can almost assure you, the seconded one may not be used for quite sometime because the first application will show results.

How to Use:

Clean your mouth with warm water

Use a cotton swab to apply the serum (included in the packaging)

Place a the proper amount of serum on the cotton swab

Wipe on teeth until stains are gone.

Results will be apparent

*Maintain normal brushing of teeth as required daily using your toothpaste of choice.


Store the remaining content in a safe cool dry location.


Lets Answer ONE Simple Question - Why Would It Not Work For Me?

The Answer- You didn't follow the SIMPLE instructions.