Just Imagine...

Just Imagine...

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Imagine Wearing This...


  • Can You Imagine having a skin color that is hated by so many?
  • Can you imagine walking next to someone you know would rather not be walking next to you because of your skin color?
  • Can you see anything thing wrong with hating only because their skin color is not the same color.
  • Do you think that hating only because of the color of someone ones skin makes you look smart or intelligent?
  • Can you imagine walking on an elevator while some one is on it and they hold their handbag tighter? 
  • Can you imagine wanted to friends with someone and you can't because their family would not above?
  • Can you imagine having someone think you are dumb or stupid because of your skin color?

So what is this T-Shirt about? Well its to get the person who read it to simply imagine being in your skin regardless of the color. Many think it is ok to think so bad about a person because of the color of there skin.

If you are strong enough to wear this T-Shirt, wear it with pride. To days world is different than yesterday's world. We livein and we are the one that can change it.